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Questions & Answers

We want to help make your move easier. Every day we are helping people with their move, such as lining up a mortgage solution or comparing movers. Submit your question below and we will get you a quick response.

Question: When is the best time to have a garage sale before the move?

Jul 25 2014 - by Gina

Answer: You can have it anytime but we've found that it's best around 1-2 weeks before your move date. You don't want to disturb your current living situation too far before the move by selling couches, lamps, decorations, and other items. Plus, it's nice to have a truck come to pick up items for donation right after the sale. So if it's possible we do recommend hosting the sale right before your move date.

Question: How should we get our car moved?

Jul 23 2014 - by Cara

Answer: That's a great question. We have a car transport company that we like to recommend through Moveboxer. They do a great job with your car. You can also check out this article for more information: 7 Tips for Finding the Right Car Transport Company.

Question: Can you recommend a good store to visit for staging my home?

Jul 21 2014 - by Joanna

Answer: Yes, we can definitely make some recommendations. Do you have a Homegoods store near you? They have great pillow, rugs, vases, etc. at really affordable prices that will brighten up a home. Also Cost Plus World Market (or it's just World Market now) is a good spot. You could also try Target as they have nice pieces with good design. Here's an article for staging tips: 6 Tips for Staging a Home.

Question: I am feeling disorganized before my move and saw that you offer a professional organizer. Can you tell me what they would do?

Jul 19 2014 - by lauren

Answer: Yes! Professional organizers are a great idea to get everything in line before and even after your move. They will come in and organize your closets, office, bedrooms, kitchen, you name it. They have tried and true methods for getting your house in tip-top shape. We have a wonderful professional organizer that we like to recommend at Moveboxer. Here is an article that tells you more about what they do: 7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Professional Organizer After Your Move.

Question: What is a self-service mover?

Jul 19 2014 - by Jim

Answer: A self-service mover, or container mover (as they are sometimes called), means that the mover will drop off a container, you will load your belongings in to the container, and they will pick it up and drop it off at the destination for you. This is usually an option that will cost less but will require more time and effort on your part. You can use Moveboxer to find a reputable self-service mover. Here are two articles to tell you more about it: 7 Ways to Find a Good Self-Service Container Mover and Choosing Between Full Service Movers and Container Services.

Question: How do we pack all the books we have? What's the best way to pack these?

Jul 17 2014 - by Ginny f

Answer: We have a great resource in the Ordering Moving Boxes and Supplies article on our site. Basically, you'll want to use small boxes for your books since they accumulate heavy weight very quickly. Good luck!

Question: What do I need to know to switch car insurance before my move out of state?

Jul 15 2014 - by Jessica

Answer: As it turns out, changing car insurance can be kind of tricky if you're moving to another state. Check out this article for all of the details: Changing Car Insurance When Moving Out of State.

Question: How can I make sure to get my deposit back from utilities?

Jul 15 2014 - by Tami

Answer: First you'll want to make a list and check it twice. Next, figure out any equipment that you need to return. Finally, read the fine print and make the calls to get your deposits back. This is all important to get your money back. Check out this article for more details: How to Get Deposits Back on Your Utilities Before a Move.

Question: Any suggestions on where to donate things before a move?

Jul 14 2014 - by Jean

Answer: We do have suggestions on where to donate your belongings. It's really important to take a good look at your belongings and make sure that you only move the items that are necessary and meaningful for you. There are so many good organizations out there that will help you out. Make sure to take pictures of the items you're donating and make a list for tax time. Here's an article to help you out: Great Organizations to Donate Old Stuff.

Question: what is the verification number I should ask about from the mover?

Jul 10 2014 - by justin

Answer: That's a good question. There are two different numbers that you can ask about from a mover. One is the US Department of Transportation number (or USDOT number) and the other is the motor carrier number (or MC number). Either one of these will help you determine if they've had any major complaints. Here's an article that will tell you more about it: 5 Tips to Verify Your Mover.

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Moveboxer is the home base as you plan and manage your move. We provide a moving specialist and an online moving tool, complete with budget planning, customized to-do lists, calendars, and an easy way to cancel utilities. We help you calculate moving expenses, do a mover comparison, and connect with up to 3 reputable local or long distance movers. Moveboxer also provides storage, moving boxes, moving insurance, a handyman, and home security for your new home. Moveboxer is proud to work with only the most reputable companies to connect them with our customers. Moveboxer can connect anyone in the U.S. and specializes in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Orlando and Phoenix.

Top Moving Tips

Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Long Distance Mover

It is a bad sign if your mover does not offer an in-person inspection. You should ideally meet with three different movers to ensure you make the right decision. Look for the mover’s Department of Transportation number both on the truck and in the paperwork that you sign before moving day.


Getting a Moving Quote

You moving quote will be based on the weight of your items, the hours needed for the move, and the distance. If you get a binding quote, look to secure a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate.

Moveboxer is proud to partner with Move For Hunger, which works with moving companies to bring unused food during a move to local food banks
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