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Questions & Answers

We want to help make your move easier. Every day we are helping people with their move, such as lining up a mortgage solution or comparing movers. Submit your question below and we will get you a quick response.

Question: We are crazy enough to think we can move our washer and dryer. Any tips?

Oct 30 2014 - by Jill

Answer: You're not crazy! We do have an article that provides all the tips you could want on moving a washer and a dryer. Check it out: How to Pack and Move a Washer and Dryer.

Question: WE are about to close on our home and my mind is scrambled trying to figure out how we do it. What are the steps again?

Oct 29 2014 - by Anita

Answer: Closing on a home is tricky business. But there are some steps that you can expect and that does make it easier. Read here for more: 5 Tips for Closing on Your New Home.

Question: I'm trying to figure out the best way to get my clothes packed. Any tips?

Oct 28 2014 - by Ross

Answer: Yes, packing clothes is a pain. Think about the boxes you'll need - wardrobe boxes, small boxes for heavy things like shoes and then medium boxes for your regular items. Here are some more tips: 5 Tips for How to Pack Your Clothes for a Move.

Question: How do I move a TV?

Oct 28 2014 - by Andrea

Answer: We have the answer for you! Check out our tips in this article about packing a moving a TV. Best of luck to you, and if you need more help we can refer you to good movers! How to Pack and Move a TV.

Question: We're getting ready for a long distance mid-year move due to my job. Any tips on getting the kids adjusted?

Oct 24 2014 - by Robert

Answer: We can see why this is on your mind. A long distance move with kids and during the middle of a school year is touch. Check out this article for specific tips from us: Getting Your Child Ready for a Mid-Year Move.

Question: How does your site work as a personal relocation specialist (what is that)?

Oct 24 2014 - by brandi

Answer: That's such a good question! We pride ourselves on being the central place for people when they are moving. We want to help them with how-to's, match them up with a mover, and help them plan their budget. A personal relocation specialist is someone who is there to answer questions and specializes in moving. We have the answers because we've helped many, many people with their move. Read on for more tips: Get Organized with a Personal Relocation Specialist.

Question: I'm moving out of state and don't even know where to begin to save money on the move. Any tips?

Oct 23 2014 - by Brittany S

Answer: Moving out of state is definitely a big challenge to take on. We have tips specifically tailored to saving money on this type of move. Here's more: How to Save Money on Your Out of State Move.

Question: Where can I get new utilities after my move?

Oct 10 2014 - by Hallie

Answer: We can help you, Hallie! We can connect you with movers but we can also help you connect with utilities you need like phone, TV, internet, and home security. You can click on "Find Utilities" at the top of our home page to connect to utilities. Please let us know if you need anything more.

Question: How do I best compare movers?

Oct 01 2014 - by jess

Answer: Jess, you've come to the right place. We advise that you talk with at least 3 movers, do research online, and use our services! Here is more: Comparing Moving Companies.

Question: We used Moveboxer to find a mover and now we've moved out of state (thank you!). Now what? Any tricks on meeting new people?

Sep 26 2014 - by Samantha

Answer: We can help you at any point during and after your move. Here's an article with some tips for you. Give it time it will all settle into place! 9 Tips To Do After Your Long Distance Move

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Get a mover with Moveboxer and plan your move

Moveboxer is the home base as you plan and manage your move. We provide a moving specialist and an online moving tool, complete with budget planning, customized to-do lists, calendars, and an easy way to cancel utilities. We help you calculate moving expenses, do a mover comparison, and connect with up to 3 reputable local or long distance movers. Moveboxer also provides storage, moving boxes, moving insurance, a handyman, and home security for your new home. Moveboxer is proud to work with only the most reputable companies to connect them with our customers. Moveboxer can connect anyone in the U.S. and specializes in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Orlando and Phoenix.

Top Moving Tips

Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Long Distance Mover

It is a bad sign if your mover does not offer an in-person inspection. You should ideally meet with three different movers to ensure you make the right decision. Look for the mover’s Department of Transportation number both on the truck and in the paperwork that you sign before moving day.


Getting a Moving Quote

You moving quote will be based on the weight of your items, the hours needed for the move, and the distance. If you get a binding quote, look to secure a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate.

Moveboxer is proud to partner with Move For Hunger, which works with moving companies to bring unused food during a move to local food banks
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