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The Connecticut estate of Katharine Hepburn is up for sale. The home is where Hepburn often spend her vacations with her family, and was the location she spent her final days at. This is not the original home in which was at the location, but was rebuilt by Hepburn after a hurricane destroyed the previous […]

Paula Deen is Saying Goodbye to Savannah, Georgia

May 18 2015 - by Moveboxer

Paula Deen is saying goodbye to her home in Savannah, Georgia. The home is a mansion with a French Caribbean style to it, and the entire resort is known as River Bend. The home itself is 14,500 square feet. Which includes 8 bedrooms within it, all of which have some Paula Deen touches in them. […]

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May 11 2015 - by Moveboxer

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have listed their New Orleans mansion onto the market. The power couple purchased the home after Hurricane Katrina hit the area for around $3.5 million. The three-story mansion is located in the French Quarter. The home was originally built in the 1830’s, according to the information that can be found […]

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Zooey Deschanel, the star of the sitcom “New Girl” that has been renewed for a new season has put her home up for sale. The home is located in the Hollywood Hills area. The reason for the sale will vary according to who you ask, but most chalk this up to Deschanel and her fiancé […]

Questions & Answers

We want to help make your move easier. Every day we are helping people with their move, such as lining up a mortgage solution or comparing movers. Submit your question below and we will get you a quick response.

Question: It's almost time for us to close on our home. Any tips or surprises we should be aware of?

May 20 2015 - by Katie

Answer: Yes, we have tips for you. Here is an article about surprises you can expect during your closing period: 4 Surprises for Closing on Your New Home.

Question: How do I make sure a mover is good or not?

May 12 2015 - by Jenn

Answer: This is a very good and appropriate question. Here is an article that tells about 5 ways to verify your mover. Read on and make sure to follow these points and you'll be in good shape: 5 Tips to Verify Your Mover.

Question: We're considering a move to Houston. Do you know anything about that city? Pros and cons?

Apr 21 2015 - by gina

Answer: We do have some fun facts about Houston that we'd like to share with you. Good luck with your decision! Ask, ask, and keep asking questions so you'll be sure to make the right decision and find the right neighborhood if you decide to move there. Good luck! Moving to Houston.

Question: I'm nervous about our house selling, mainly because we've already bought another house to move to and have a closing date! When should I line up the movers?

Apr 16 2015 - by Lucy

Answer: I understand why you're nervous, that's a lot on your plate right now! I think if you feel comfortable that you'll find a buyer, I would go ahead and meet with the movers to get the estimates and line things up. The actual couple of weeks surrounding a move are quite chaotic so you'll want to cross off as much as possible from your to-do list.

Question: How do I line up moving insurance?

Apr 01 2015 - by erin

Answer: Such a good question. We have tips for you on getting moving insurance right here: 7 Tips for Getting Moving Insurance

Question: We're moving out of state and already feel the pinch of how much money this is going to cost. Help! Any money-saving tips?

Mar 19 2015 - by Brenda

Answer: Yes, we do have some helpful tips for you. We've prepared a lot of tips for saving money on your move, particularly when it's out of state. Read on ... - How to Save Money on Your Out of State Move - 8 Tips for Saving and Spending on Your Move

Question: When should we hire an agent to list our home? I'm curious about putting our house on the market before or after the start of April. Not sure if it matters. Sorry so many things in one question!

Mar 17 2015 - by Charlotte

Answer: Don't worry about all the questions - these are hard things to sort out! You'll most likely be fine with either before or after the start of April. You'll probably want to get your house on the market before the middle of May (for the benefit of those moving in the summer) but other than that, you're fine. You can start researching good agents by checking out signs or listing agents online in the neighborhood where you're selling. Or ask friends and family members. Here's an article with more details: Putting Your House on the Market: The Details

Question: When should I cancel all the utilities and coordinate the new ones before my move? How do I get started on this part?

Feb 25 2015 - by jill

Answer: In general, you should start making these calls about 2 weeks before your move. Make a list of the utilities that you use and then start ticking them off one by one. It sounds harder than it is, we promise! Here's an article with more details: Moveboxer Packing Center.

Question: I need a whole packing to-do/suggestion center. Do you have something like that?

Feb 19 2015 - by meghan k

Answer: Yes, we have that. This has everything from how to pack your kitchen, to how to move a couch, to how to move electronics. Enjoy! Moveboxer Packing Center

Question: I've noticed a lot of questions on here for long distance moves. I need help too. Do you just have a full list of things to do, mainly around saving money?

Feb 13 2015 - by margaret

Answer: Yes! We have a list like this. It starts with proper planning which is what you're doing by asking the question! Here it is: 10 Ways to Save Money When Moving Out of State.

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Moveboxer is the home base as you plan and manage your move. We provide a moving specialist and an online moving tool, complete with budget planning, customized to-do lists, calendars, and an easy way to cancel utilities. We help you calculate moving expenses, do a mover comparison, and connect with up to 3 reputable local or long distance movers. Moveboxer also provides storage, moving boxes, moving insurance, a handyman, and home security for your new home. Moveboxer is proud to work with only the most reputable companies to connect them with our customers. Moveboxer can connect anyone in the U.S. and specializes in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Orlando and Phoenix.

Top Moving Tips

Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Long Distance Mover

It is a bad sign if your mover does not offer an in-person inspection. You should ideally meet with three different movers to ensure you make the right decision. Look for the mover’s Department of Transportation number both on the truck and in the paperwork that you sign before moving day.


Getting a Moving Quote

You moving quote will be based on the weight of your items, the hours needed for the move, and the distance. If you get a binding quote, look to secure a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate.

Moveboxer is proud to partner with Move For Hunger, which works with moving companies to bring unused food during a move to local food banks
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