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Mischa Barton Selling Home to Avoid Foreclosure

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Mischa Barton, best known for her acting on the OC and the former spokesperson for Bebe, is listing her Beverly Hills home for $8,695,000. The actress is putting her home on the market due to financial issues she is having, most notably the fact that she is behind on her mortgage payments. In fact, reports […]

John Denver’s Colorado Home On The Market

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Questions & Answers

We want to help make your move easier. Every day we are helping people with their move, such as lining up a mortgage solution or comparing movers. Submit your question below and we will get you a quick response.

Question: I'm trying to decide between movers and feel compelled to go with the lowest price option. What should I do?

Aug 22 2014 - by Hannah

Answer: It's so tempting to go with the lowest price option but that's not always your best choice with movers. After all, you aren't buying a pair of shoes here. You're asking people to move all of your belongings to your new home. Be sure to go with your gut to pick the right option. Here are more tips: Compare and Pick Movers to Get the Best One.

Question: Where can I get good/cheap boxes?

Aug 20 2014 - by Jerry

Answer: You've come to the right spot. We have a great place for you to very easily order cost-effective boxes: Boxes and Supplies Through Moveboxer. We hope this helps! There are also some good articles about packing your boxes.

Question: I'm feeling really confused about how to pack a storage unit. Help?!

Aug 18 2014 - by Colin

Answer: There are some tricks to effectively packing a storage unit. Remember to keep like items with like items (i.e., holiday decorations, baby clothes). Remember to keep a path through your unit so you can get to certain items. And it's a good idea to make a basic inventory. Check here for more: 5 Tips on How to Pack Your Storage Space.

Question: What boxes should I use for moving books?

Aug 14 2014 - by julia

Answer: Books are, of course, really heavy. the best suggestion is to use your small boxes for books. This makes sure that the boxes are a manageable weight. You can also find used book stores where you can take your books to sell them. Here's an article with more information on the right type of boxes for certain items: Ordering Moving Boxes and Supplies.

Question: We just moved and I'm in need of a handyman. Any recommendations?

Aug 13 2014 - by Jenna

Answer: We can help you with finding a good handyman. We have a great resource for finding reputable people to help with your projects. We realize that after your move you might be in need of good help. Check this out for more help coordinating a handyman: Handyman through Moveboxer.

Question: What are some other sites I can visit to verify a mover?

Aug 08 2014 - by Tucker

Answer: That's a great question. We hope you get your mover recommendations from Moveboxer, of course, but there are some other good sites to check on for movers. This article has a list of the sites that you can check out: Protect Yourself During the Move Process.

Question: When and how should I coordinate storage for a move?

Aug 08 2014 - by Char

Answer: The answer can really depend on how you're moving storage. You might be using it to stage your house - in that case it's going to be some time before the move actually happens. You might be using it the day of the move and transporting things there that won't fit in your new home. You can check out this page for extra articles on storage and information: Storage through Moveboxer.

Question: What are some good recommendations for staging a house?

Aug 03 2014 - by Tricia

Answer: It's such a good question. First, take out all of the clutter and get down to the bare bones of the room and furniture. You'll be surprised at what a difference that can make in getting the room back to "neutral" territory. Second, get pillows, rugs, and accent pieces that make the rooms "pop" and freshen the look to a modern style. Finally, really think about the lighting in each room. You can change this relatively cheaply with the addition of a nice lamp. Here are more tips for you: 6 Tips for Staging a Home.

Question: I'm in the process of moving my mom to a retirement home. Any tips?

Jul 31 2014 - by nancy r

Answer: Yes, we definitely have some tips around this type of move. The move with your mom can be more complex because it might involve your siblings, your mom's valuables, you name it. First, let's start with a move. You can get a reputable mover from Moveboxer whenever you are ready. Next, make sure you keep the line of communication open for everyone. Put an email list together and get everyone on the same page. Check out this article for more tips: Selecting the Best Mover for Your Loved One.

Question: My daughter is moving away for graduate school. What's the best way to get her things from here to there as cheaply as possible?

Jul 29 2014 - by Tonya

Answer: This can be tricky because it can take a lot of time, effort, and money to get things to a place where she might not live for that long. You can consider a self-move option, which would save you the time of driving and the cost of gas (although you would need to pay them). You could pay movers. You could consider renting a moving truck and doing it on your own or paying movers to help you load and unload. You could also consider buying her a few furniture items and shipping some boxes to her, as well. There are options. Be sure to think about the price of everything compared with the time and what you'll need. Good luck!

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Moveboxer is the home base as you plan and manage your move. We provide a moving specialist and an online moving tool, complete with budget planning, customized to-do lists, calendars, and an easy way to cancel utilities. We help you calculate moving expenses, do a mover comparison, and connect with up to 3 reputable local or long distance movers. Moveboxer also provides storage, moving boxes, moving insurance, a handyman, and home security for your new home. Moveboxer is proud to work with only the most reputable companies to connect them with our customers. Moveboxer can connect anyone in the U.S. and specializes in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Orlando and Phoenix.

Top Moving Tips

Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Long Distance Mover

It is a bad sign if your mover does not offer an in-person inspection. You should ideally meet with three different movers to ensure you make the right decision. Look for the mover’s Department of Transportation number both on the truck and in the paperwork that you sign before moving day.


Getting a Moving Quote

You moving quote will be based on the weight of your items, the hours needed for the move, and the distance. If you get a binding quote, look to secure a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate.

Moveboxer is proud to partner with Move For Hunger, which works with moving companies to bring unused food during a move to local food banks
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