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Phoenix Movers

Is your next household relocation into or out of Phoenix? Moveboxer gives you a moving quote and gives you up to three of the best Phoenix movers for a local or long distance move. We have moving tips, home movers, storage, boxes, and average relocation costs for your move to or from Phoenix. Moveboxer provides a connection to these Phoenix moving solutions...>>

Save Money on Your Phoenix Move

Phoenix is a fun city and you will be out and about year round enjoying the weather and all it has to offer. You will want to save money on your move to make the most of your lifestyle in Phoenix. And if you are moving away from Phoenix you will want to save money for your big journey moving away from Phoenix. Here are ten tips to help you move ...>

Moving to Phoenix

Phoenix, with its year-round warm temperatures and its desert environment offers a unique home for your long distance move. It is also a hard city to leave if you are moving away from Phoenix. You will want to plan some "bucket list" adventures for your move to or away from Phoenix. Be sure to enjoy all that this great city has to offer. We have captured a few of them here....>>

Questions & Answers

We want to help make your move easier. Every day we are helping people with their move, such as lining up a mortgage solution or comparing movers. Submit your question below and we will get you a quick response.


Jun 23 2015 - by rtdeustept


Question: When is the best time to cancel/set up utilities when you're getting ready for a move?

Jul 14 2014 - by Amaanda

Answer: That is a great question! You'll want to cancel your current utilities and switch to your new ones about 2 weeks before your move. I know this seems like it's cutting it close to the wire, but it's really the best timing. Here's more about the utility switch: Utilities, Services, and Places for Your Move.

Question: We are trying to figure out how much our long distance move to Phoenix is going to cost. Any ideas?

Jun 18 2014 - by Maureen Lewis

Answer: We do have some ideas on that. On average, it could cost around $7,500. But that's average and in some places, if there's a high cost of living where you're moving from it could cost more. I would forecast for 20-30% higher just so that you won't be unpleasantly surprised. Here's the article:

  • Average Cost of a Long Distance Mover
  • Question: How can you tell when you're being given a bad quote by a mover? Trying to compare movers here in Phoenix and it's tricky.

    Jun 10 2014 - by John Grossman

    Answer: You can definitely submit the details of your move to us and we'll provide up to 3 movers that are reputable. Here's an article that talks about red flags to watch out for when comparing Phoenix movers: Mover Red Flags When Comparing Van Lines. Beyond that, go with your gut. Try to meet with a representative in person and make sure it's a reputable company.

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    Get a mover with Moveboxer and plan your move

    Moveboxer is the home base as you plan and manage your move. We provide a moving specialist and an online moving tool, complete with budget planning, customized to-do lists, calendars, and an easy way to cancel utilities. We help you calculate moving expenses, do a mover comparison, and connect with up to 3 reputable local or long distance movers. Moveboxer also provides storage, moving boxes, moving insurance, a handyman, and home security for your new home. Moveboxer is proud to work with only the most reputable companies to connect them with our customers. Moveboxer can connect anyone in the U.S. and specializes in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Orlando and Phoenix.

    Top Moving Tips

    Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Long Distance Mover

    It is a bad sign if your mover does not offer an in-person inspection. You should ideally meet with three different movers to ensure you make the right decision. Look for the mover’s Department of Transportation number both on the truck and in the paperwork that you sign before moving day.


    Getting a Moving Quote

    You moving quote will be based on the weight of your items, the hours needed for the move, and the distance. If you get a binding quote, look to secure a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate.

    Moveboxer is proud to partner with Move For Hunger, which works with moving companies to bring unused food during a move to local food banks
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