8 Tips for Canceling Utilities Before a Move

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Written by Alyssa Howard, Moveboxer.com

It may be the last thing on your mind as you’re planning to pick up your life and relocate it to a whole new house, city or even state, but this is a big one. Make sure you cancel your utilities in a timely fashion; otherwise you could risk racking up charges for services you’re not even using. And in the middle of a move is definitely not the time to be inefficient with your money. Here are a few tips for canceling your utilities before a move.

1. Make a List

Before you start placing the calls to your utilities companies, make a list of everyone you need to call to shut off services. These will include water, gas, electric and so on. You can check online for your account details so you can start collecting account numbers and phone numbers that you will need to have on hand for canceling the utilities.

Here is an initial list of the utilities you will want to look at canceling:
Cable TV
Home Security

2. Call Early

This might be the most important tip of all – call early! Aim to call at least two weeks ahead of when you’re moving out to ensure that you can cancel the services by the day that works best for you.

3. Pick the Correct Day

Make sure you plan it so you won’t be paying for services you won’t use. That is, designate your last day in the house as the last day of service. You will most likely want to start the process of canceling utilities about 2 to 3 weeks before your last day in your old home. 

4. Get Back Your Deposit

If you paid a deposit for the utilities when you first hired the company, check with a company representative on policies for getting your money back. If he or she says you already got your deposit back, check past records or bills to ensure that that’s the case.

5. Provide a Forwarding Address

Avoid any confusion by providing the company with a forwarding address for any outstanding bills that you may not receive by the time you move out of your current house.

6. Return Any Equipment

If the company provided you with any equipment (i.e. a modem from your Internet provider), ensure that you return it in a timely fashion to avoid having to ship it back later or incurring any possible late fees for not getting it back by the designated date.

7. Leave a List

The house’s new occupants should sign up for utilities in their name after you’ve left, but it’s helpful to let them know which companies you use.

8. Check Your Last Bill

Lastly, review your last statement or charges from the utility company to check that you were in fact only charged until your designated last day of service. 

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