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Written by Jennifer Morehead,

Choosing a moving company for your local or long distance move is one of the most important decisions you will make. If you choose correctly, you will enjoy a smooth move (or the smoothest move possible, because if we're honest with ourselves, moving is just a tough process). If you choose incorrectly, you will go through a lot of extra headaches after your move date has passed. 

We feel very strongly at Moveboxer that we have put together the right solution to help you do an effective moving comparison, get an instant moving quote, and help you find the right and most reputable mover. This is why we started the company and we feel passionate every day about helping people with their move.

People can easily hire relocation service providers as various companies are working in the market to help you. Moving companies offer all the important services. They make your move easier by offering the reliable services from your old abode to your new doorstep. With the help of their essential services, your goods will safely reach to the new place. We have put together 10 tips to help you in your search to find the right moving company.

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1) Talk to at least three different companies

It is just like the advice your rich uncle gave you: always talk to three different companies. The advice is never more prudent than when you are moving. Make sure to take the time and walk through the process so you find the mover that makes you the most comfortable.

2) Rely on the U.S. Department of Transportation

It is up to the U.S. Department of Transportation to evaluate moving companies and maintain a record of the claims they have against them. This is about as impartial as it gets. You can check out the moving company by entering the name and pressing search. 

3) Ask friends and family for movers

Reach out to friends and family to ask about moving companies that they have used and would recommend. One thing is certain, everyone has moved at one point or another so they should have some good recommendations for you.

4) Use a moving comparison service

A service like Moveboxer works because based on your move date and geography, it will calculate an instant moving quote that acts as an estimate and provides up to three movers for you to compare. We even include the Yelp ratings and reviews for the brands that are on our website. It is an effective place for a moving comparison.

5) Check out the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau will help you see ratings and reviews for the moving companies you are evaluating, plus it will give the moving company a grade for you to see. It is worth your time to check out the BBB for different movers.

6) Ask for their U.S. DOT and MC numbers

You will want to be sure that you have the moving company's U.S. Department of Transportation number and its Motor Carrier number. The mover should be absolutely willing to give you the number and it should match all the items you look up and the number that you see on the moving truck.

7) Make sure you are talking to the mover directly

There are a lot of people posing as a mover who are really a third-party broker that passes your move to the real moving company. Watch out for these third-party brokers. They might negotiate a deal that the real mover cannot maintain. Be sure that you are dealing directly with the moving company.

8) Don't let price be your deciding factor

When you get the initial estimates from movers, make sure you are not only evaluating on price. Moving is much more complex then shopping for a pair of shoes or buying groceries. It involves a personal relationship with the people who are going to be in your old home and your new one with your precious belongings. Be sure to look at the entire picture when you are comparing moving companies.

9) Talk to your real estate agent

Your real estate agent knows a lot about the moving process. He or she is in touch with the real estate attorney, mortgage person, and most likely good pro movers. Your real estate agent is usually a strong part of the community and will be able to lead you in the right direction when it means doing a moving comparison.

10) Check with your company

Your company has oftentimes negotiated with moving companies or moving services to provide the easiest relocation for you and your family. Remember to check with the human resources department in your company to ask about what moving services they recommend.

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