What is Moveboxer?

Moveboxer helps answer the question Where do I start? when you are moving and holds your hand through the whole process.

Moveboxer strives to do two things really well.

First, we are your very own free, personal relocation consultant. We’ll outline your entire move for you, provide tools for your move, and introduce you to our pre-selected companies that can help you with your move.

Second, we connect you with up to three reputable movers and give you a moving quote.

How are you different from other moving websites?

Moveboxer gives you a full moving solution.

We do 3 things very differently:

  • We give you a free online personal relocation tool
  • We give you an actual estimated price for your move
  • We give you a list of up to 3 reputable movers and other researched services, so you can make the right choice without being inundated with companies

In short, we quickly give you a full moving recommendation and help you plan your move.

How much does it cost to use Moveboxer?

Everything is free. In fact, you can get gift cards just for using our personal relocation service and our pre-selected companies to help with your move.

I don't get it, why is it free, what is the catch?

When you receive the list of moving companies and connect to our pre-selected list of companies (ie, for car transport, home security, etc.), these companies pay us to make a connection. But it's absolutely free for you. Because these companies pay us, we want to give back to you. Moving is hard and that’s why we want to provide something back to you, like the gift cards for using our service.

Can I get a list of the moving services you will suggest for me?

Sure. Here are some of the services where we can make recommendations:

  • Full service moving (they load, they drive)
  • Self service moving (you load, they drive)
  • Mortgage
  • Storage
  • Boxes and supplies
  • Home security
  • Car transport
  • TV, phone, and internet
  • Moving insurance
  • Professional organizer
  • Handyman

Other tools:

  • Budget tool
  • Shopping lists for before and after a move
  • Important links and info, like changing your address

I have a funny story about moving. Can I share it with your site?

We would love to hear your funny story about moving. Moving from point A to point B is a universal (and oftentimes universally painful) experience. We'd like to feature your story in our blog. Send it here: notify@moveboxer.com

Thank you for what you do. How can I tell more people about Moveboxer?

We would love it if you told everybody you know who is planning to move about Moveboxer. Here's how:

Why did you start Moveboxer?

Moving is hard. Technology makes things easier. It seemed that there was a match between what technology can do with the pain that moving creates. We want to make moving (and your life!) easier and run a business that makes everyone associated with it very proud. We always want to be better at what we do. If you have a comment, let us know at notify@moveboxer.com.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, we use the best technology to keep your personal information secure.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please contact us through any of the following ways:

Phone: 855-356-2526

Email: notify@moveboxer.com

Address: 620 Davis St., 2nd Floor, Evanston, IL 60201