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Written by Mary Davis,

Getting a moving quote is different than getting a price for airfare, buying shoes, or even getting a quote for moving your lawn. The reason it is more complicated is because it depends on the moving company having a good idea of how much stuff you have and how much you need to move.

The moving quote for your home relocation is given based on the distance of your move and the weight of your belongings. If your move is less than 50 miles it is considered a local move and the moving quote will be based on an hourly estimate. If your move is more than 50 miles it will be based on the distance of the move, with a fuel surcharge added in.

When you are getting a moving quote and comparing movers, it is really important to go with your gut. Try to meet with the moving company's representative in person. Ask about who you would contact in case of needing to file a claim. If the moving company hesitates or changes the subject that is a bad sign that perhaps that process wouldn't be so easy if you needed to go that route. Make sure you have the names and phone numbers of the people at the moving company who are representing your sale and who you could contact in case of an emergency.

We wanted to outline the various quotes that you might receive from a moving company. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at Moveboxer.

Binding Quote
This type of quote is a legally binding estimate that cannot change at the end of your move. You should be aware that most moving companies won’t offer a binding quote until a representative has seen your home and has an idea of your belongings, so they can give you the right quote.

The best type of binding quote is a binding not-to-exceed estimate, which means that even if your actual weight is more than the written estimate, you are not charged more. If the actual weight is less than the written estimate, you pay less.

A binding estimate should be made in writing and you should get a copy before you move. If you get a binding estimate from the moving company, you will need to pay by certified check, cash, cashier’s check, or money order at the time of delivery. The moving company also may accept a credit card. The binding estimate should be given to you with the bill of lading, which is the contract given to you by the moving company.

Non-Binding Estimate
You can get a non-binding estimate more quickly and over the phone, however you should be aware that the quote can change at any time. This means that the offer can be really low and once the movers arrive at your home, the price can increase. Be very wary about relying on a non-binding estimate.

Broker Quote
You might run into an independent broker that is giving a moving quote to you and then selling that quote as a lead to the moving company. Always be sure to ask about the “deal” they are offering and understand the connection that the broker has with the moving company.

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