How Moveboxer Gets You Ready to Sell Your Home and Move

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Written by Alyssa Howard,

The process of undertaking a move is certainly daunting. Moveboxer is here to allow you to stare down the eye of the storm and make your relocation as successful as possible. Doing your move through Moveboxer means access to a (free!) relocation specialist, who will take you every step of the way.

A Customized Experience

Moveboxer is all about personalization. That’s why it takes the circumstances of your specific move – for example, how far away you’re relocating, what kind of move you’re doing – and gives you a customized to-do list to keep you on the right track. Moveboxer uses the information you put in to give you your own personal calendar, budget calculation tool and shopping lists for before and after you move.

Find a Mover

After the planning stage is done, Moveboxer gives you free, instant moving quotes for different companies. This gives you the unique experience of being able to compare different movers side by side. Additionally, the site also allows users access to mover reviews, which will obviously be an important part of your selection process. (Past performance is generally a pretty solid indicator of future performance.)

Once you get the moving company situation figured out, Moveboxer can also connect you with car transport companies, box resources, storage companies and home security businesses. Moveboxer understands that relocation is a comprehensive process that involves several moving parts – no pun intended – and that skipping any of these necessary steps could compromise an otherwise successful move. 

Moving Tips

As you go through the process of moving, it’s always nice to get tips from those who have been there before. Instead of just offering you general tips that you could get anywhere on the internet, Moveboxer breaks it down by what you personally need to consider while undertaking a move. The website’s moving resource center includes tips on things like organization, ways to save money during a move and how to ensure your moving company is reputable, among many other areas of interest. Additionally, the site has a moving guide that goes state by state to let you know important considerations when relocating to various areas in the U.S.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? Answer: No one. When you use the moving services of companies recommended by Moveboxer, you get gift cards. Getting free stuff for using the reputable services of companies recommended by your personal, gratis relocation consultant is the definition of a win-win situation.

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