How to Save Money on Your Out of State Move

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Written by Alyssa Howard,

Any relocation has the potential to be expensive, but this is especially true of moving out of state. And sometimes some of the biggest savings come from some pretty unexpected places. Because you don’t want to spend more money than is absolutely necessary, it’s important to keep these tips in mind to minimize money wasted and maximize utility.

Don’t Buy All Packing Materials

So, it may be necessary for you to buy some of your packing materials, but that doesn’t mean that you need to shell out for all your packing supply needs. For example, don’t worry about buying packing paper when it comes to wrapping ceramics and other breakables. Instead, you can use T-shirts, towels and other soft materials.

Additionally, when it comes to boxes you can save by using leftover ones from your friends or family members who have recently moved. You can also go to bookstores or groceries to see if they have extras.

Work With Legitimate Companies

This is a big one. You will save money in the long run by making sure your moving and/or storage companies are credible, trustworthy businesses. Doing so includes ensuring that the companies have the correct insurance and licensing and also that the businesses have positive reviews from past clients through websites like the Better Business Bureau’s. An infamous trick of scammers is advertising a low price for a move then holding clients’ belongings hostage on the truck while waiting to be paid a previously unmentioned “unloading” fee.

Don’t Move More Than You Need To

Most people have items lying around the house that they don’t use anymore. Instead of paying to relocate these belongings, donate them or sell them to people who want them. It makes no sense to continue to tow around what you don’t need or want, so use your move as an opportunity to clean house.

Make a Budget

This one might have you saying, “Duh, I know how to make a budget and I know why it’s important to do.” But seriously! This is a big one! It’s always surprising how much writing out a budget for your move can be the first step you need to take in keeping you within your projected expenses. Keeping track of everything in one easy list will cut down on the stress of having to figure out later whether your actual spending corresponded with what you had imagined beforehand. Trust us. Thank us later.

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