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Coordinating a mover is one of the basic parts of the move, yet one of the hardest pieces to get right. That's why we started Moveboxer - to help people connect with the most reputable movers out there.

So many movers that are out there - full service and self service, or container, movers - are good companies run by nice people. Trust us, we get the chance to sit down with them and hear how passionate they are about moving belongings from point A to B. But it's the bad apples that ruin the pack, like with anything, and so often the good movers get lumped in together with the bad ones.

We want to make sure you get a good mover. Be sure to fill out the form on this page to start working with Moveboxer for free and line up your mover. Use our services and we’ll save you more than $600 on your move.

It's a really seamless connection. Once you fill out the form, we'll connect you with only up to 3 movers. You won't be inundated with calls. You will just be put into touch with the best movers out there.

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