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At Moveboxer we want to help make moving as easy as possible. One way we can do that is with our moving resource center. We have put together articles based on your needs to help you with a local move or a long distance move. Are you unsure how to find a good mover? What about the amount for the tip when they are done with the move? How should you help your family react to the move? We have plenty of moving tips, plus information about moving to a particular city or a particular state. We wanted to provide an easy site architecture so you could find your way around Moveboxer. We're excited to help you with your move.

Before you even start the move process, you need to sell your house. You need to get ready for selling your house by staging your home, showing your home, and then setting up a very profitable closing. This might all seem like magic, but you can effectively prepare for getting your home ready and it will actually help you with the move process, because it forces you to get certain things done ahead of time. 

Whether you have staged and sold your home, or given your landlord notice, you will want to figure out the best way to save money on your upcoming move. There is no way to get around the fact that moving has a cost. Moveboxer has put together an online personal relocation platform to make sure people are prepared and can save time and money.

Sell Your Home:

As you get ready for a move, you will certainly have some questions about how to pack your items. Items like TVs, computers, clothes and places in your home like the kitchen are all complex to pack. We wanted to offer some guidance in those common areas for packing.

Packing Center:

Moveboxer's online personal relocation platform can act as the home base for your move. You will need to plan ahead to research your neighborhood and find the right home. Then you'll need to start putting the wheels in motion for the move, by getting a mover and getting a mortgage. Then in the weeks before move date it will be a whirlwind of organizing your things and canceling and setting up utilities. Rely on Moveboxer throughout the move process to help you with resources, tools, and reputable companies and services for each step. 

Personal Relocation Resource Center:

We wanted to outline the moving tips associated with moving. Think about comparing the moving companies and getting a move quote. If you have questions here, we would like to help. We have articles on specific items like moving breakables, using and donating perishable food, and shutting off the utilities before your move. We want to make sure you are prepared with moving shopping lists, whether you are moving into an apartment, a condo, or a house. We also have articles on major weather events, such as preparing your home for a move after Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.

Moving Tips:

A lot of moving tips are for the process of moving, but we wanted to offer tips around the emotional impact of moving on your family. Think of the different people affected by a move, from your toddlers to your teenagers to your spouse. There are a lot of different things to consider for each of the people in your household before, during, and after your move and we wanted to put different tips together.

Moving Tips for Your Family: 

A long distance move is different from a local move. A long distance move is characterized as a move where you are crossing state borders. This move is important because you are not only changing your neighborhood, you are changing your city and state, too, which means a lot of adjusting to the different culture of your new home. Read below for tips.

Your Long Distance Move:

When you are getting ready to move to a specific city, it is nice to get some hints around what life is like in that new city. We have put several pages of tips and information together about each of the cities below. We wanted to offer money-saving tips for moving to a particular city, in addition to a list of things to do in your new city. Enjoy!

Moving to a City:

When you are moving, and especially as you prepare for a long distance move, you might want to read up on the particulars around the state where you are going. We have put together all the stats in each state, like major cities and sports teams, so that you can get up-to-date on the state before your big move.

Moving to a State:

At Moveboxer we have put together a thoughtful and detailed group of articles and resources for moving your beloved senior. A senior move is a sensitive and delicate process. To get prepared you will want to read on for our suggestions in making it a success.

Preparing for a Senior's Move:

At Moveboxer, we pride ourselves on featuring the best brands in the moving space. We feature movers, van lines, storage, boxes, and home security for your move. We have put together information on each of the brands that we are proud to point people toward. These are businesses who have been moving people in most cases for decades and carry strong brand recognition because of the good work that they do.

Featured Van Lines, Movers, and Services: