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Written by Mary Davis,

Whether you are moving down the street or moving across the country, relocating your home is a daunting process. You might just be moving yourself or a family of six and there are still many complexities to the move process. Moving can be such a crazy process that you forget from the last time how you did it all int eh first place. We wanted to provide a number of articles to help you with the moving process. 

Get Organized

Start by getting organized. Do you have a moving checklist? Usually the checklist is laid out over a period of 6-8 weeks, although a lot of people tighten that timeframe. Give yourself as much time as possible. We also like to make sure that things stay a little fun when you move. We have put together a quick look at the average costs of a local and long distance move. We always recommend that you donate and sell a lot of your belongings to make sure to keep your moving costs down. You will be needing to make some trips to the store to pick up items for your new home. We have put together moving shopping lists to keep you organized for your move.

Find a Reputable Mover

A good moving comparison at the beginning of your process is so important for a positive moving experience. There is a lot to coordinate, like turning off utilities, cancelling subscriptions, changing doctors and schools, that the mover shouldn’t be a concern for you and your move. If you make sure to find a reputable mover, you can rest assured that your items will make it from point A to point B easily. Plus you’ll make sure to keep yourself protected during the move

Clean Through Your Items

You will want to sort through your items early on to decide what to sell, donate, and to keep. You can host a yard sale or donate your items to a great organization. 

Keep Your Family In Mind

It goes without saying to keep in mind the emotional impact of the move on your your spouse and your your kids. This can be especially true if your family moves a lot, such as if you are a military family. You also might be getting ready to help your aging parent with a move. Senior moves are more nuanced, and involve getting the whole family organized and on board. 

For any of these moves, you can go on a special “bucket list” adventure before leaving your home or make a video montage of your memories. There are special ways to commemorate your time or even have fun before your move.

The Devil is in the Details

Never is the saying “the devil is in the details” more true than when you are moving. You’ll need to remember to shut off and reestablish your utilities. When you are packing you will need to take special precautions with your pet, jewelry, and breakables. You should also be mindful of the details in the case of a corporate move. If you are being relocated there are certain perks that your company might offer for the move.

Let Moveboxer Help You

We wish you all the best for a smooth move. At Moveboxer, we’re here to help you get a mover, get a move quote, and connect you with important moving services throughout the move process. We provide an online personal relocation platform that acts as the home base for your move. You can give us a call at any point – 855-356-2526. We are a free concierge service for your move and want to be sure the move is as easy as possible for you.

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