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Written by Mary Davis,

Whether you are moving down the street or across state lines, the process of moving your home is a stressful one. Here at Moveboxer, we want to help make your move easier. That's why we created an online personal relocation platform. We want to be the home base for your entire move. That's right, you can come to Moveboxer to be put in touch with movers, mortgage, home security for your new home, among other providers, plus we'll help you cancel your utilities, change your address, and plan out shopping lists for before and after your move. Moveboxer provides a phone line for you to speak with a moving specialist or a live chat option. Or you can just log in and do everything on your own within the personal relocation platform. We want to help you.  

First if you're thinking about moving, you are going to need help researching your new neighborhood and looking for the right home. Moveboxer can help point you in the right direction. Next, you will need to prepare for moving day by finding a mover, changing your address, organizing your things and getting your house cleaned before your move. There is a lot to do! 

Moveboxer can help anyone who is preparing for a move, with its online personal relocation platform. If you have a lump sum from a corporate move, Moveboxer can be particularly useful in helping you find services to use and get organized in order to save money. If you are preparing for a senior move, Moveboxer has an entire senior move resource center dedicated to helping you with this sensitive move process.

We want to help you with the different aspects of your move, from mortgage, boxes and more. Here are the areas where we can serve you in your move and make connections to reputable companies that will do everything to help you. If they don't meet your standards, please let us know directly. 

Before Your Move

After Your Move

We also want to help you sell your home and save money during your move:

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