Putting Your House on the Market The Details

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Written by Marina Vernovsky, Moveboxer.com

Whether or not you have found a new home, you have to sell your old home at some point. It is up to you if you want to split up your focus between selling your old home and other matters of the move. Or, you can put your attention solely on getting your house up on the market. Putting your house in the market is no doubt weighing on you during this crazy time in your life, so the first thing to do is breathe and get organized.

Find a Real Estate Agent or Moving Specialist

Find the right professional for you during your move. Interview several agents/professionals and look at how they present themselves, how honest they are, how well you could see yourself getting along with him or her, and any other qualities that seem crucial to you. First and foremost, keep in mind how honest and professional the people you interview are, because they will be the ones helping you sell your home on the market. You want to minimize any bumps in the road, and you need someone who will be with you through the entire process.

Make a List

Make a list of everything: questions, what you need to do to the house, people you need to contact, timetables, etc. Lists are the best way to get organized, and having everything out in writing will give you perspective and allow you to prioritize. I want to emphasize the “questions” list, because you will have countless questions that come to mind, and it is important you write them down to ask your specialist/agent.

Get Your Documents

Confer with your agent or specialist and determine what documents you will need – you will require the deed to the house, insurance papers, a floor plan, and even a list of your home’s selling points. Make copies of the documents you provide for your own reference.

Be Honest

If there are any flaws in your home, or anything that needs fixing or patching up, get that out on the table immediately. You will need to fill out a disclosure before your home can be put in the market. It is vital that you be as honest as you can so that the agent or specialist is able to give your house the best chances on the market.


Decide on the house’s listing price – the entire point of selling your house. Because this lies at the epicenter of all of this effort you have, and will, put into selling your home, make sure you are satisfied with the listing price. Your specialist or agent will suggest one, but make sure you agree with it. If not, you must voice your opinion so that a compromise can be reached.


Get the house ready for potential buyers and make sure it is in its ideal condition so visitors can get a sense of the house’s potential. You can even confer with a staging professional, if you wish. Staging can involve moving furniture around, repainting walls, replacing broken appliances, etc. You want to listen to what your agent or specialist suggests in terms of fixing up your house, but do not fret – losing too much money on these renovations can be avoided, especially when you get down to the bare necessities.


Come to an agreement about when showings will be held. This should work around your schedule, above most other things, and you want to ensure that you can stay out of the house during the showings (sticking around may make people feel uncomfortable). Also decide on how showings will take place: will there be an open house? Will visitors be allowed only by appointment with the agent? This wholly depends on what you are able to accommodate as well.

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