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Written by Mary Davis,

Is your next household relocation into or out of Sarasota? Moveboxer gives you a moving quote and gives you up to three of the best Sarasota movers for a local or long distance move. We have moving tips, home movers, storage, boxes, and average relocation costs for your move to or from Sarasota. 

Moveboxer provides a connection to these Sarasota moving solutions: 
  • Sarasota full service movers (they load, they drive) 
  • Sarasota self service movers (you load, they drive) 
  • Storage 
  • Boxes and supplies 
  • Home security for your new home 

There are important and useful tips for saving moving on your Sarasota move. Also, be sure to plan some "bucket list" adventures before you leave Sarasota or to begin your journey in this great city. Here are things to do before or after your Sarasota move.

Relocating your home from or to Sarasota is no small task. You may be trusting your belongings to pro movers in Sarasota, a major van line, a self-service moving option, or driving the truck yourself. You have a lot of decisions to make and should start the planning early. 

Hire Sarasota Movers 

First, decide on your moving budget, both in terms of time and money and select your moving help. You might have a relocation package from your company in Sarasota or have been saving for this move, but be honest with yourself about the relocation costs and the budget that you have set aside. A pro mover in Sarasota will be licensed, bonded, and experienced at loading your items and driving them to your destination. You will save time with this option. Using a self moving service in Sarasota means that you will load a container and it will be driven to your destination. This will cost less money but more time and more potential for injury. Renting a truck in Sarasota means that you will do the packing and driving yourself. 

Buy Moving Boxes 

Second, you will want to order the right number of moving boxes based on the size of your home in Sarasota and your items. Moveboxer provides an easy calculator to order the precise number of moving boxes for your household. Order the moving boxes early so you can start separating items into keep, sell, and donate areas of the house. Organize a yard sale to make extra money or donate to area organizations. Remember to lighten your load before moving day in Sarasota to lighten the amount you owe the movers. 

Reserve Storage 

You will want to reserve storage for your move to or from Sarasota. Again, it is important to take a look at the items you want to keep but may not have room for after your household relocation. Moveboxer will provide an easy connection to reputable storage companies for your moving and storage needs. 

Change Utilities and Services for Your Sarasota Move 

Finally, you will need to cancel utilities and certain services in your Sarasota home and establish them in your new home after the relocation. The following is a list of the top utilities and services for your Sarasota move. 

Utilities to Change for Your Sarasota Move 

  • Cable TV 
  • Telephone 
  • Internet 
  • Electric 
  • Gas 
  • Home 
  • Security 
  • Water 
  • Refuse 

Services to Change for Your Sarasota Move 

  • Car Licenses and Registration Insurance (homeowners, auto, etc.) 
  • Bank 
  • Address Change with Post Office 
  • Address Change sent to friends and family 

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