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Make sure your extra belongings are safe in storage.

Storing your things happens to be a pretty big part of the move. You might need to stage your home months in advance of your closing date and need to get rid of things by putting them in storage. You might be leaving the country for a year and need to put everything in storage. Whatever the reason, storage can be a really helpful part of your move.

Interested in coordinating storage? Go to ExtraSpace today:

Reserve Storage

We recommend Extra Space Storage because it is one of the largest storage companies in the country. The size and brand recognition of Extra Space ensures that your belongings will be safe and when you are searching for a storage space, there will be an Extra Space storage spot near you.

We recommend coordinating storage through Extra Space Storage. Here's how to get started:

  1. Fill out the form on this page and start working with Moveboxer for free. Use our services and we’ll save you more than $600 on your move.
  2. Coordinate storage through Extra Space and you can get 1 month free of storage.
  3. Or coordinate storage directly by clicking on the Extra Space logo below.

Extra Space Storage has locations around the country to make sure your storage needs are met.

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