Ways to Stay Organized While Moving

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By Alyssa Howard

In the jumble of all your belongings and more moving boxes than you’d ever want to see, it’s understandably difficult to stay organized while moving. At one point, it seemed like it made sense to pack the sheets with the blender, but you won’t think so when you’re frantically trying to make the bed at the new house on that first sleep-deprived night. Luckily, there are a few tips that will make your life a lot more orderly.

Have a Game Plan

As you finalize the details of the move, try to work out a plan regarding packing. This should include what to pack, when to pack these items, the items that will be kept, sold, or donated, and planning out the space in your new home. By structuring and planning as much as you can, you will leave little room for unexpected difficulties and confusion.

Labels, Labels, Labels 

Markers and a labeling system will become your new best friends during this cardboard phase of your life. Get to know them! Depending on your living situation and the new one to which you’re relocating, label the boxes in a way that corresponds to each room in the house.

Importantly, make sure you don’t name a box “Wendy’s Room.” The movers probably don’t know who Wendy is (and understandably, as this might be their fifth job this month). Instead, say “Girl Bedroom,” for the least amount of confusion possible in a confusing time. Additionally, stay away from naming any box the dreaded, nebulous “Miscellaneous.” Really anything is better than this catch-all (and we mean, all) of moving vocabulary.

Keep Like Items Together

While packing your neatly and adeptly labeled boxes, do not put random items together. As much as it might seem like a good idea to put that last little bookend in your bathroom box, because there’s that little bit of room left. It’s tantalizing, we know, but don’t do it, because that will torture you later when your living room bookshelf is complete but for that one bookend.

Designate Areas for Boxes

You will want to designate an area for boxes in your home. It is easiest to set up one packing zone nd have empty boxes, tape, and markers in a specific area and then a zone for packed boxes as you complete them. You can use this area to stack the packed boxes. You will also want to designate an area as a holding zone for items that are in transition. A good place for a holding zone is in the garage. You can have different piles for items that you’re selling, donating, or throwing away.

Hold Important Items

While the vast majority of your items are safe for the movers to handle, there are certain things that should be kept aside and personally moved by you to ensure their safety. These items include valuable pieces of jewelry, family keepsakes, important documents, medications, anything that cannot be easily replaced, and things of high financial or intrinsic value. This ensures that these items aren’t damaged, broken, lost in the shuffle of moving, or accidentally put in the wrong box. This will also ensure that you can access them easily after the move is complete.

Start Ahead of Time
As they say, it’s never too early to start. In this case, that definitely holds true. If you’re not moving until June, but it’s March, box up those holiday wreaths because you definitely won’t be using them in the meantime (unless you spread Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus cheer year-round – in which case, more power to you).

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