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Written by Mary Davis,

Moving takes on an entirely different and more enhanced meaning when you are moving out of state. When you cross state borders during a move, your move is considered an interstate, or long distance move. There are a few different rules for the moving companies and in all it is just a bigger deal for you and your family.

At Moveboxer we have you covered when it comes to your long distance move. We have information about each state, including specific details such as car insurance requirements. We have moving tips that are focused on the long distance move, since there are peculiarities with the timing and the distance.

You will want to make sure to do an effective moving comparison to find the right and most reputable mover. There are red flags to watch for when you are picking out a mover, especially when you are trying to find the best long distance mover.

And what happens if you have to file a claim? If you pick the right mover the likelihood of you having to go through this process is very small, but you nonetheless want to be very prepared.

You also want to be sure to save money on your long distance move. You will want to monitor airfare beforehand to get the best deal for you and your family while your items make the long trip in the truck. Be sure to clear out the clutter before the movers come to pick up your things. Your movers will charge you based on the weight of your items and the distance of your move. Be aware of these things and sell and donate your items before moving day. 

We have provided long distance moving information about certain cities in the US. These are cities that have a lot of people making the long distance move to and from these cities. We also have a full list of moving information for these states and cities.

Moveboxer wants to be there for you as you navigate all of the particular pieces of a long distance move. Through our online personal relocation platform we have selected companies and services that can work with you throughout the country. These are companies that have established a brand and a reputation by doing things right. Whether it is a move, container moving service, TV provider, internet provider, or home security service we have sought out the best, most reputable brands and companies to make your move easier.  

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